Leviathan, la Prima Guerra Mondiale come Non la RicordateLeviathan, The First World War You Can’t Remember

La copertina del libro

Titolo: Leviathan

Autore: Scott Westerfeld

Editore: Einaudi

Pagine: 400

Prezzo copertina: 20 €

Data pubblicazione: 2010

Leviathan, di Scott Westerfeld, vincitore dell’Aurealis Award come miglior romanzo Young Adult 2009, è ambientato in una versione alternativa e ucronica del nostro passato. L’autore ci porta nel cuore dell’Europa all’alba della Prima Guerra Mondiale raccontandoci un’altra storia, che vede protagonisti un ragazzo ed una ragazza.

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult novel in 2009, is set in an alternate and ucronic version of our past. The author takes us into the heart of Europe at the dawn of the First World War telling another story, starring a boy and a girl.

He is Prince Alexander, son of Archduke Francis Ferdinand assassinated. Deryn Sharp is the girl and she joined the British aviation dressing up as a boy and with the false name of Dylan,. Alek and Deryn are enemies and they belong to two factions who see the world and the war in a completely opposite way: Aleksander is part of the Clankers, those who believe in a mechanical-based technology highly anachronistic that use steam machinery load of tools and weapons. Deryn, however, is part of the Darwinists, who believe in a genetic-based bio-technology, based on the development of new and peculiar species of animals used instead of machines.

The two will meet in Switzerland, following an incident of the Leviathan, the giant whale-airship, which gives its title to the book. From here it will begin their incredible journey around the world and within themselves and their lives will change forever…


Scott Westerfeld (born May 5, 1963) is an American author of science fiction. He was born in Texas and now divides his time between Sydney, Australia and New York City, USA.

As a child, Scott Westerfeld moved to California and Connecticut for his father’s job. Lloyd, his father, was a computer programmer. He saw his dad working with planes, submarines, and the Apollo missions. Westerfeld graduated from Vassar College in 1985. In an early career, Scott Westerfeld was a composer. In the 1980s, Scott Westerfeld moved to New York, which inspired his book, Polymorph. In 2001, Westerfeld married the Australian author Justine Larbalestier.

He is most well know for the Uglies series. He also wrote The Risen Empire and The Killing of Worlds, parts one and two of the same work, originally titled Succession, published in the UK in 2005 under the title The Risen Empire. (altro…)

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