AAA Vendesi AppartamentoSteampunk apartment FOR SALE!

Il vostro desiderio più grande è sempre stato quello di vivere in un romanzo di Verne?

Vorreste un soffitto a forma di dirigibile e degli oblò al posto delle finestre?

Ma soprattutto avete quasi 2 milioni di dollari?

Potreste vivere davvero nella casa dei vostri sogni.

Has your greatest desire always been to live in a novel by Jules Verne?

Would you want a ceiling shaped like a blimp and portholes instead of windows?

But above all have you got almost 2 million dollars?

You could really live in the home of your dreams.

The unusual and gigantic apartment in question is located in Chelsea, a neighborhood in Manhattan and Jeremy Noritz, the owner, bought it in 2006 for $ 1.3 million.

The 1800 square meters, which make up the house, are divided into a large open space in which there are kitchen and living room, one bedroom and two bathrooms.

Noritz has recreated a functional input port similar to the one of a submarine, has positioned wooden gears, vintage armchairs with cupholders incorporated and has hung brass sculptures, small airships and old fans to the ceiling.
The focal point of the house is also a large zeppelin shot that seems to float on the ceiling, another blimp, but this time exploded, is the dominant theme of the bedroom which has, within it, a bomb-shaped device that raises and lowers the bed.

It took almost two years to transform the classic style of the apartment in that retro-futuristic steampunk but, perhaps, the conversion is only half successful, seems to have spared much time on the amount of objects rather than a true quality of them and everything seems too load and flashy.

Mr. Noritz is selling all at the modest sum of $ 1.75 million: ‘I’m going to spend much time away from New York’ he says. ‘I love my house very much, but it’s time that someone else enjoy it.’

Someone comes forward? (altro…)

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