Voglio un blaster NERF!I want a NERF blaster!


Potevamo noi dello S.T.I.M. esimerci dal fare un po’ i nerd parlando delle NERF di Hasbro? No di certo! 😀

Could S.T.I.M. hold back from doing nerds talking about the NERF from Hasbro? Of course not! 😀

Famous overseas and even here, the NERF blasters are the technological evolution, but always harmless, of old toy guns that we used as children. They are very colorful, with its soft and ergonomic shapes and shoot darts made ​​from a special soft rubber foam that doesn’t harm people or things (NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam).

And what does Steampunk in all of this?

Easy! The NERF are completely disassembled and can be changed and recolored to be transformed into retro-futuristic weapons than we love so much. There are many videos on Youtube that show how to extricate in the disassembly of the blasters, the rest is left to your imagination and to the advices that we give you in the near future for some steampunk modding!


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