Questa settimana STEAMPUNK ITALIA vi presenta il tutorial ;



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Zombies al Vapore con BoneshakerSteam-Zombies with Boneshaker


La londinese Hammer Films ha acquisito i diritti per l’adattamento cinematografico del pluripremiato romanzo Boneshaker di Cherie Priest, pubblicato nel 2009 (ancora inedito qui in Italia).

The London-based Hammer Films has acquired the rights to the film adaptation of the award-winning novel Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, published in 2009 (still unreleased here in Italy).

In this “classic adventure of zombies and steampunk airships”, as defined on the cover, we are catapulted into an alternate version of 1880 in Seattle, walled city due to a toxic gas that has turned many of its inhabitants into zombies.
We will follow the adventures of a young widow searching for her teenage son in the underworld of Seattle, facing a powerful criminal boss, pirates of the sky and finally heavily armed refugees.

The film will be produced in collaboration with Cross Creek Pictures who also produced The Black Swan with Natalie Portman.

Tobin Armbrust, supervisor of the project development for Hammer Films, said: “First of all, this is a great story: bring to life a steampunk style novel on the big screen is something special and unique”. (altro…)

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Voglio un blaster NERF!I want a NERF blaster!


Potevamo noi dello S.T.I.M. esimerci dal fare un po’ i nerd parlando delle NERF di Hasbro? No di certo! 😀

Could S.T.I.M. hold back from doing nerds talking about the NERF from Hasbro? Of course not! 😀

Famous overseas and even here, the NERF blasters are the technological evolution, but always harmless, of old toy guns that we used as children. They are very colorful, with its soft and ergonomic shapes and shoot darts made ​​from a special soft rubber foam that doesn’t harm people or things (NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam).

And what does Steampunk in all of this?

Easy! The NERF are completely disassembled and can be changed and recolored to be transformed into retro-futuristic weapons than we love so much. There are many videos on Youtube that show how to extricate in the disassembly of the blasters, the rest is left to your imagination and to the advices that we give you in the near future for some steampunk modding!


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Benvenuti ad nuovo tutorial presentato da Steampunk Italia.

“come costruire una micidiale pistola steampunk”


una pistola a tema (quella presentata è stata aquistata in un negozio cinese)

filo di ottone o ramato


fialette o lampadine


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Bioshock Infinite – AnteprimaBioshock Infinite – Preview


BioShock Infinite è un videogioco sparatutto in prima persona attualmente in sviluppo presso Irrational Games, terzo episodio della serie BioShock.

Ambientato nel 1912, BioShock Infinite vedrà come protagonista l’agente Booker Dewitt impegnato a liberare la giovane Elizabeth, imprigionata nell’immensa città volante chiamata Columbia.

BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter video game currently in development at Irrational Games, third episode of the BioShock series.

Set in 1912, BioShock Infinite will star agent Booker Dewitt as the hero pledged to free the young Elizabeth, imprisoned in the vast floating city called Columbia.

A love story will be born between them and they try to escape the city that is literally falling from the sky.

Dewitt will have to learn to succeed in the duels through the clouds and airships, learning the secrets of many new weapons and abilities and he’ll discover the mystery behind the incredible powers locked in the body of Elizabeth.

Still many aspects of this new game are shrouded in mystery, we confidently await the new year for one of the most anticipated and steampunk FPS of the moment. (altro…)

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011 – Il Gioco da Tavolo con i Therion011 – The Boardgame with Therion

Il gioco da tavolo

Dalla mente di Paolo Vallerga e dalle meccaniche di Marco Valtriani nasce 011, un gioco da tavolo ambientato in un 1811 steampunk in cui si cercherà di impedire il Ragnarök grazie ad un libro ispirato alla metal band sinfonica svedese Therion.


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